HolyShirt Custom Print Q&A


Ok first things first. 

We don’t mess around doing what we love. So what you see is what you get with us. Our website is designed so that you have a very straightforward and rewarding online experience. Our printing standards are way beyond par and on top of all that we take our customer service very seriously.  So if you are not happy we feel like :( .  And we really don’t like feeling like :( . So we will try all that we can to make you :) or :) again depending if we have made you :( in the first place.

Hopefully the conversation below will get you sorted if you have any questions. If not feel free to pick up the phone and give us a call, we don’t bite.



Is there a cut off time for orders?

Yes, our cut off time is 11am EST. This means that if you want us to process your order that day we need to have your order in our hot little hands, along with your payment by 11am our time.


If I load my own design or text how long does that take to print?

Well it depends on what you are putting your stuff on. All Custom Print orders of products marked with *** are standard stock items and will generally be shipped within 24 hours during the business week. Custom Print orders of products not marked as above will generally be processed and shipped within 3 working days.


What if I had some issues with my artwork I need to tell you about or just want to tell you guys I love you?

By all means leave us some details in the Add Notes section at checkout. We will contact you if we need to chat but don’t be offended if we don’t reply as we are gettn’ stuff done.

You can normally reach us on our hotline: sales@holyshirt.com.au for anything else.

I’ve tried 5 times now and cannot get my artwork to load. What now?

We know, frustrating right?? It happens to the best of us. We can process your order from our end so please email us explaining your dilemma, details of what you would like to order, how you want it shipped to you, how you are going to pay for your order and oh yea the artwork.

I have this idea....and want to put in on a shirt...but I don’t have the skills to design it.

Well you have come to the right place. We do this day in and day out. We offer logo re-creation and graphic design services. The link below provides the initial details. Give us a ding when you are ready.





How fast can I get my order?

We offer a great range of shipping options and the link below will take you there.


Help! I forgot my mother’s birthday and need to get something to her tomorrow. Possible?

It’s your lucky day. We have a Rush Print Service with either a Collect In Person or Express Postage option. Refer to the shipping link above for T&As.

What happens if I select Collect In Person and I cannot get there on the day I am notified of collection?

Not a problem. It will be here waiting for you. If you think you will be longer than 2 days please let us know via email (sales@holyshirt.com.au) or telephone (1300 88 94 96).

What happens if I select Collect In Person, I am notified I can pick it up on Friday but cannot make it between 4-5pm. Can I pick it up on Saturday?

Sorry folks our little elves need a break too. You will have to wait until Monday at 4:00pm.

I am placing a company order. Do I need to put the company name in the shipping details?

YES, YES and also YES. Couriers have a responsibility to get your parcel to you. So if they cannot confirm the address they won’t leave your parcel with just anyone and it will be shipped back to us.




This is how the HolyShirt process works, it’s really simple so don’t panic:

You pick a product

You pay for the product

We make your product

We send your product

You get your product

‘PayPal’ freaks me out but I really want to give you my money. Do you have other payment avenues?

Absolutely. Our other payment options are listed below. But please be mindful that our processing commences once payment is received and monies have cleared.

1. EFT: Our bank details will surface once you select this choice

2. Cheque: Please make your cheque out to HolyShirt Screen Print

3. Telephone your Credit Card details through: Incurs a 2.5% CC Fee



We invest a lot of our time making sure our online store maintains a clean, simple and appealing layout and our online designer allows youthe configuration and illustration control. But we understand that you may want to see if we can be a little more competitive for larger volumes. So if you cannot find what you are looking for in our store then please email your specs along with your artwork to sales@holyshirt.com.au.